What's been up

A few very exciting things!
1) Slugs ate all the of the fucking spinach!
2) Kyle has been hunting the slugs- WITH A BOW AND ARROW (really)
3) We have a delightful new room-mate, Miss Sarah B. Killion. Sarah is small and she has short red hair. She likes to make puns and rap raps. She cooks well and creatively and she cleans up her mess when she's done. Her room is colourful and full of horse figurines and artwork she has made. Sarah is very positive and she is full of love for everyone.
4) I (Elizabeth) have just had an un-paid CEO position handed to me, and a free house, if I want it. I can't really explain this to you but trust me. It's gonna be a community art space and garden and it probably won't happen because a 60 year old madman and a forestry defense kid are at the helm, but it would be magical if it did.
5) You know what WILL happen, though? SALEM FREE SKOOL. what classes would you like to take? what classes could you teach? think about it. the first class will be Your Rights & The Police, taught by Rory Gravelle, and it will take place on June 9th. After the class there will be time to talk about future classes. So... yes.
The cat is adorable. Did I mention that we have an adorable cat? I love him so much.

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