i'm all covered in dirt

today was a very busy day in the garden! we got new beds dug! when i say that, i mean that kyle dug new beds, and i followed him with a trowel digging out roots and rocks and blackberry vines. it was hard work considering we were hacking them out of 50 year old lawn with some pretty resilient grass. you wouldn't think grass would be that hard to get out of the ground, but it is.

it may be a small area, but it's one more area that ISN'T useless, boring lawn, and IS producing food, and that's a fine victory, any day!

also kenney came over last night and brought some of his delicious homemade beer with him. he brought an IPA and a heff and they were both wonderful and rich and... creamy? can beer be described as creamy? i think maybe it can.

dinner was just okay last night, not one of my more shining acheivements- the theme was "crepe your pants!" and so for dinner i did sour cream potato and sweet corn crepes with cheese melted on top. i meant to throw on applesauce but i clean forgot. too bad, i think it would have added some much needed flavor, as they were pretty bland. and for desert i made fresh furit filling for the insides, and topped them with ice cream, caramel sauce, and FLAMING CHERRIES. basically i just made a batch of cherries jubilee and dumped it on before lighting. but guess what. when you dump it on the ice cream, the ice cream mixes with the brandy and so it didn't all burn off, so they tasted VERY strongly of booze. which was okay with the fruit, for instance the cherries and plums, but the crepes themselves were vile and whiskey-like. not so good. looked beautiful, had great presentation value, though. also we ate dinner outside at the picnic table with funky little tea light holders shaped like lotuses for light, and everyone was so happy because of the nice weather, i don't think anyone really cared about being served a big old plate of alcohol for desert. plus this is not really a group which will say no to alcohol in any form, if you know what i mean, and i think you do (my friends are drunks)

that's all for now! tomorrow we plants the tomatos and transplant the chives! also hopefully finish the lattice work on the patio so i can plant the hops! i think the raspberries died! oh well!

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